Mosquitoes are the deadliest insect and are responsible for diseases and deaths in humans and animals every year. Our mosquito control program involves identifying problem areas and fogging your yard to protect your family and pets. With our program your family can enjoy your yard year around.

Sprinkler Magician is a patented, proprietary natural pest control system that uses existing irrigation systems to kill and repel biting insects in residential and commercial properties. This system can also be upgraded to repel animals such as deer, snakes, and other pests.

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I have been servicing the pest control needs of customers in the Coastal Empire for 20 years. I am the Certified Owner/Operator of Littoral Pest Solutions. I am also certified in Mosquito Control. I am the local authorized distributor for Sprinkler Magician from Camden County, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Household pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, and rodents are common in Savannah and the surrounding areas. Our monthly service can eliminate these pests that can harm your home, family and pets.

We concentrate on creating a protective barrier outside your home which prevents common household pests from entering your home.

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